Baby Blues Connection

Providing help for parents with depression, anxiety and stress related to becoming new parents since 1994.

About Us

Baby Blues ConnectionBaby Blues Connection was born in 1994 when Nola Cross, survivor of postpartum depression, joined Wendy Davis, PhD to begin a mom-to-mom support group and telephone support for postpartum families. In 1995 Wendy became the founding director of Baby Blues Connection. In 1997, after developing a formal program combining volunteer training and mentoring, BBC trained its first group of recovered moms who became phone support and group facilitators, delivering our unique model of mom-to-mom support. In 2003, we became an official non-profit and a board of directors was established. Since that time, we have expanded to include support for dads and non-bio moms. Our volunteer base has doubled and formal committees have been established. Our focus and reach into the community has changed and broadened but our commitment to families has not wavered. You are not alone. It’s not your fault. With help you will get better.

What We Do

Most parents realize that having a new baby may be difficult at times, but still anticipate a time of joy and fulfillment with the coming birth.

A mother can be completely unprepared for the range of confusing, frightening, and distressing emotions that she may experience during her pregnancy and/or the postpartum year. Often mothers feel inadequate and guilty, afraid to admit their feelings, especially in an age where women are expected to be “super moms”.

This inability to ask for help only leads to further isolation, hopelessness, and a deepening of postpartum symptoms.
The truth is that as many as half of all women experience some depression and/or anxiety after giving birth, with about 20% remaining distressed for months. These symptoms are temporary but significant. It happens to first-time mothers and to women who have had no depression with prior births.
Likewise partners can also experience depression or anxiety with rates of occurrence as high as 50% if symptoms are present in the mother.

Even in this time of growing knowledge about postpartum disorders, doctors may not recognize that their patients are suffering. Husbands and family members may have difficulty finding resources for understanding and supporting the mothers or themselves.

We want you to know you are not alone, and there is help.
As mothers and fathers who have experienced pregnancy and postpartum depression and anxiety ourselves, we are keenly aware of the lack of information and support available. Baby Blues Connection stands for this possibility…
Parents will feel heard, acknowledged and supported and will have informed resources to turn to, so that postpartum distress is lessened or eliminated, and parents do not feel alone or afraid.

Baby Blues Connection

Additional Information

Baby Blues Connection is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization providing many free services to pregnant and postpartum women and their families, as well as to the providers who serve them.

All support volunteers are trained and many have personal experiences to share. We are LGBTQ friendly too.
• Telephone support: Leave a message on our 24 hour phone line (English and Spanish), and a volunteers will call back within 24 hours. Talk to someone who understands for as long and as often as you need.
• Email support: Maybe you aren’t ready to talk just yet. Write out whatever you need to say and we’ll email you back.
• Facilitated peer-to-peer support groups: You are not alone, and your feelings will be validated by parents who are there to listen. Groups meet throughout the Portland and Vancouver metro areas. We have a monthly group for dads too!
• Online support: Join our Facebook group. Perfect for working parents and for when you can’t make it to group.
• Partner Support: For family members who want to support someone coping with pregnancy or postpartum depression or anxiety. Need tips and techniques? We’re here for you.
• Information Packets: Find coping strategies, reading lists, and listings of medical, counseling, and other care services. A plethora of information, sent to you at no charge.
• Guest speakers: Free education for other mom’s groups, conferences, lectures, classes, family events, staff meetings, provider training, etc. We have short informational talks and more lengthy educational presentations available-for free- as always.
PO Box 33128, Portland, OR 97292; 800-557-8375

Message line available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week
support groups available throughout the Portland, Vancouver metro areas