Hike it Baby

Hike it Baby

Hike it Baby is a free new mama group focused on getting families on to trails with their newborn to toddlers in a safe and supportive environment.

About Us

Hike it BabyHike it Baby was founded in 2013 in Portland, OR but is quickly growing branches across the country and has spread as far as Anchorage, Alaska and Asheville, NC. We help families get on to trails and specialize in supporting new moms to not only get out and hike, but also nurse on trail and learn how to find good trails for their family. We completely led by volunteers and funded by donations.

What We Do

We offer free hikes and urban strolls throughout Oregon and have a private Facebook group and a website which lists all of our upcoming happenings. Through hiking we have created a strong community of healthy new mamas and babies who love to meet up regularly. Our hikes help women work through postpartum depression, the feelings of being alone and the anxiety that often comes with having a new baby to care for.

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Additional Information

We are trying to grow Hike it Baby so it can be an awesome resource for new parents across the country. All of our hikes are free and starting a branch is free! We welcome everyone into our group and our number one rule is to “leave no mama behind”. The goal with our hikes is not to get a workout in or to push for the hardest trail, but to focus on the journey. There are times when our hike may not reach the destination due to mamababy factors like a blow out or a need to nurse, but that’s okay. We support easy, relaxed hikes, which allow new parents to let go of the pressures of being a parent.

7046 N Mobile Ave, Portland, OR 97217; 503-866-7119

Always open! We offer hikes 3-7 days a week and sometimes there are 2-3 hikes a day.