Incredible Aerial Dancing & Quirky Superhero Fun at Echo Theater

photo courtesy of Chad Ramberg

Looking for a quirky, offbeat show for the kids this holiday season? Echo Theater’s “Superhero Old Folks’ Home” may be just the experience you are looking for.  Filled with aerial dancing, acrobatics, trapeze work and gymnastics, the show is loosely based around the idea of what happens to fictional superheroes as they age and how that affects their children and grandchildren.

The show is divided up into 13 scenes. The best scenes are when the show dispenses with the storyline or dialogue and simply focuses on the incredible trapeze work or aerial dancing. Standouts include a scene where a mom and dad pair of superheroes dance on the side of their building after the kids have gone to bed. Another impressive scene called “Wing Walking” features a couple doing trapeze work and aerial acrobatics.

Parents and kids should know that there are no mainstream superheroes in this show — no Superman or Batman. The superheroes are all ones made up by Echo Theater featuring names like Solar Ray and Bombshell. No capes to be found.

This show is best for kids ages 10 and up, in part due to mild sexual jokes. Kids who are already involved in Echo Theater’s aerial, circus theater, and trapeze classes will enjoy seeing some of their instructors on stage in “Superhero Old Folks’ Home“.

Performances for “Superhero Old Folks’ Home” run December 9-18 at Echo Theater, located at 1515 SE 37th Ave in Portland. Tickets are $18-25 each, and can be purchased online at All seats are close to the stage, and parking can be found nearby on side streets.

MaryJo Monroe

MaryJo Monroe

MaryJo Monroe is a lifelong Oregonian, who currently lives in North Portland with her husband Chad and their 10-year-old son, Nathan. By day, she is a professional organizer and owner of reSPACEd, a home organizing and design businessthat has been helping Portland Metro families clear the clutter since 2008. Nathan has inherited the organizer gene and has been known to spend playdates reorganizing all of his Legos. As a family, they enjoy any activity that gets them outside including hiking, biking and camping. They have become pros at Competitive Parade Watching (the uniquely Portland sport of staking out the best seats possible during the Rose Festival), but think street fairs are overrated.
MaryJo Monroe