GIVEAWAY: Fit Brains Learn Better! Brain-a-thon End-of-the-Year Giveaway

Braingystics is a licensed provider of the leading evidence-based and innovative mind-body-brain programs. Their programs provide children and adults the “mind-body-brain muscles” needed to:

  • address underlying core and foundational learning problems,/issues,
  • accelerate learning,
  • optimize multi-sensory processing,
  • boost memory, focus and attention,
  • maximize productivity, reduce stress,
  • reduce age-related cognitive symptoms,
  • help in weight management and goal-settings,
  • and benefit more from learning and life experiences–
  • all while having FUN doing their personalized “whole-person” mind-body-brain fitness exercises and programs. INSTANT FUN—just needs YOU (and your brain)!

In partnership with Braingystics, we are giving away Braingystics packages to 50 lucky Portland-area families – which include:

1. 50% Gift Certificate for Braingystics Learning and Multisensory Assessment ($175 in value). Braingystics assessment and programs focus on something much more basic: the quality of the students. Are they able to think? Are they prepared to learn? Can their ability to learn be improved?

Braingystics assesses 26 cognitive abilities and 11 perceptual skills including attention, memory, verbal comprehension, visual sequencing, and auditory sequencing. They evaluate the test scores, construct a profile of each student’s skills and abilities, determine what needs to be improved, and then create a specific program of learning development exercises for that student.

Note: Assessment is done in groups, group by age and is subject to group scheduling. Testing accommodation is available. Scoring of test may take up to 7 days. Profile Report is delivered in person with 1 hour consultation with Cognitive Specialist.

2. FREE 4 sessions Brainobrain classes- Whole Brain Development & Social Skill Development. In over 22 countries and the First in Oregon! (4 Hours or 2 Classes- $75 in value). Brainobrain is the pioneer kids training institute in the world, serving students between the ages of 4-14. With a decade of experience offering programs exclusively for children, they are an established program. Brainobrain specializes in a mixture of the Advanced Abacus Skill Development Program and the internationally acclaimed, Neuro Linguistic Program. They help children hone both their Brain skills and Life skills. Brainobrain is rooted in enabling children to use both their left and right brain simultaneously. Allowing the two brain hemispheres to work together, they see that there is a significant contribution in the number of synapses (neural networks) in the early formation of a child’s brain.

3. $50 Gift Certificate for a Brainfitness Class – a multi-sensory whole brain development class (1 hour) to identify and boost a student/learner’s potential and abilities.

Note: Classes will be arranged by age-groups. Classes are 2 hours/week. Subject to class size, availability, and class schedules.

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