Alphabet Rockers Playlist

The Alphabet Rockers want to change the world. Sounds like a tall order, but with the
release of their new album Rise Shine #Woke, with its strong hip-hop beats and
compelling, uplifting lyrics — they got this. With snippets of President Obama speaking
“We are the change that we seek” woven into the music — the song Rise is especially
powerful. (And Michelle Obama’s famous quote “When they go low, we go high”
becomes a lyric.) While each track from duo Kaitlin McGaw and Tommy Shepherd does
an exceptional job of raising awareness as it serves up world-class hip-hop, the multi-
lingual rap Walls is especially poignant. And with the lyrics, “I don’t look like you, but I
still got your back” the song Stand Up for You emerges as an unwavering kid ally
anthem. Peppered between tracks are interludes of kids talking and rapping about
friendship and acceptance. Want your kid to be the change? This is the album they need
to hear right now.

Hear some of their tracks here.

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