Put a Goat on It: The Belmont Goats in Lents Town Center

the belmont goatsA visit to the Belmont goats is a fun, charming and free way to experience Portland’s quirkiness and get up close with these friendly animals.

You might remember the Belmont goats from their previous home in the a vacant lot next to Creative Woodworking, near SE Belmont and SE 11th. When the goats lost that spot due to a development project, the herd found a new home in Lents. Unlike a traditional petting zoo, their lot is spacious, with a playground of large wooden structures and cable spools where they can climb, run, or relax.

The Belmont Goatsgoats on wheels‘ website describes the goats as “Portland’s nonprofit resident herd, offering an oasis of rural community amidst the built urban environment.” That is not just marketing; you can hear and see the cars zooming along I-205 as you pet adorable goats and watch them eat, socialize, and play. On a recent visit, we found several families with kids enjoying time with this herd in the city.

You can get a taste of the cuteness that is the Belmont goats here.

Location: 9330 SE Harold Street, Portland OR 97266

Cost: free, but donations are accepted to pay for food and care of the goats

Gate Hours:

Saturday/Sunday: 11am-2pm and Wednesday 4:30pm-6:30pm. Weather permitting.

You can see the goats through the fence, but during gate hours, you can visit in the lot. Volunteers are on hand to ensure the goats’ safety and happiness, and they are knowledgeable and approachable.


At the gate, there is a sign with the goats’ pictures and names—and rankings of their friendliness. Goats who are feeling standoffish wear a red bandana.

Be respectful, and only pat goats who want to be petted. Some will run up to you for attention, while others will head in the opposite direction or spend some time in the barn or on top of the cable spools.

The goats are on a special diet, so please don’t bring food.

While You’re in the Neighborhood:

Lents Park is a few blocks away and has a playground, walking and biking paths, and restrooms.

Lents International Farmers Market, which offers a children’s activity table and great local vendors, is open 9:00 am to 2:00 pm on Sundays, June 5th to October 30th.

Zoighaus Brewery is next door, and has a children’s play area and menu. They often partner with Lil Lentils on kids’ activities.

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