Curious Kids Nature Guide

As people who love the children in our lives, we know the importance of exposing them to nature. But few of us (ahem, me) know exactly what we’re exposing them to. “What’s that?” my three-year-old will ask, and if it’s not one of five birds or 20 plants, I probably can’t answer. This book is a great complement to adventuring families. We are excited to be able to give you this free downloadable PDF to get you started. ~A.W.

Curious Kids Nature Guide is a book I wished I had when I was growing up. I was fascinated by nature, and enjoyed roaming the woods and seafront around Victoria and Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.

But kids’ books only talked about animals in places like Ontario or New York or Tanzania, and not things I could find at the end of my street. Even today, kids growing up in the Pacific Northwest are more likely to know why Flamingos are pink (because of the crustaceans and algae they eat) than they are to understand why the sea anemones in tide pools are usually green (because they have algae growing within them).

This is a book to help kids get to know the amazing living things that live right here.


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