Video: Groove Along to Eh La Bas

Jazzy Ash’s fourth album for kids, Swing Set, struts out with all the vibrancy of a New Orleans second line. The album features a set of classic tunes and playground rhymes that have been around for decades, or even centuries.

As a child, Jazzy Ash spent her summers with family in New Orleans and her love of the city and its rich musical traditions are apparent in tracks Eh La Bas and When the Saints Go Marching In. (Side note: My 2-year-old son sings along to Eh La Bas with a perfect French accent.) It may be scientifically impossible to not start shimmying along to Jazzy Ash’s versions of Li’l Liza Jane, Sister Kate or Miss Mary Mack. Listening to Swing Set may make you start looking at plane tickets to New Orleans.

Check out the video of Eh La Bas here.

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