Eight Festive Fall Crafts for Kids

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Fall is here! And while that means pumpkin patches and leaf piles, it also means our fair share of rainy days. Here are some great fall-themed crafts to break out on those gloomy days. They are sure to keep you and your kids occupied, while giving you some adorable art projects to show off.

Photo: The 36th Avenue

Glitter Slime Monsters. There’s so much to love about this craft! Just the glitter slime alone is enough to keep your kids happy for hours. Add in the adorableness of these monsters and you’ve got yourself an epic craft project that’s perfect for a Halloween centerpiece. This project calls for old baby food jars, but 4-ounce mason jars would work well too, or leftover garlic or ginger jars.

Apple Stamping Craft. This is an easy and inexpensive craft that is great for even the youngest of little artists. This link includes instructions for a lovely construction paper woven basket, but you could have just as much fun just stamping away with various cuts of the apples. (Need tips for where to get those apples? Check out our list of favorite apple picking spots here.)

Photo: Giggles Galore

Photo: Giggles Galore

Kleenex Box Monsters. Grab an empty tissue box and an egg carton and get to creating an adorable little monster. The original post calls for spray paint, but covering in kid-friendly paint or construction paper should work just as well. Could be a great way to store some of that Halloween candy, too!

Hand-Print Spider. Who isn’t a sucker for a cute little hand print (or foot print) craft. They are by far my favorite craft projects to look back on. Here’s a sweet idea for a hand-print spider. Add some googly eyes and you’ve got yourself a craft that deserves a place in the “keep” pile.

Woven Spider Web. All you need for this craft is a paper plate, scissors, a hole punch and some yarn or twine. You can quickly set up the plate for your kids – or allow older kids to help place the holes. This link gives the order of holes to weave the yarn through, or just let your kids invent their own web design.

from where imagination grows

Photo: Where Imagination Grows

Fall Tree Mason Jars. These jars would make a gorgeous and simple decoration for the table or for the front steps. They are simple enough for toddlers to work on (though they might get a bit sticky), professional-looking enough for older kids, and elegant enough to proudly display. Along the same lines, you could also try making these suncatchers.

Leaf Wreath. This project is great because you not only get a festive little wreath, but you also get to have the pleasure of hunting for the leaves! Take a walk around the neighborhood to gather as many different-colored leaves as you can, and then glue them to the rim of a paper plate. Simple and pretty. Hang it on  your door or admire it on your fridge!


Photo: The Pinterested Parent

Q-Tip Bundled Fall Trees. If you spend any time on Pinterest, you may have seen the fall trees with leaves made from a Q-Tip dipped in paint. This is a take on that one, but instead of making leaves one at at time, you bundle a bunch of Q-Tips together to make a clump of leaves at a time. The result is a fuller tree, and a more satisfying experience for kids without super high attention spans. Don’t have Q-Tips? You could also try this craft with bubble wrap!

Check out even more ideas for fall crafts on our Pinterest page!

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