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I first became a devoted Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB) fan after we went to the Powell location with our then 6-week-old daughter and the servers brought a car-seat sling that allowed her to be at table level in her car seat. So clutch for an anxious new mom. I’m pleased to report that HUB has kept the kid-friendly vibe alive at their shiny new location in Vancouver.

We ventured to the spacious restaurant and brewery on a Sunday at 4:45 pm and got seated immediately. (When we left at 6 pm, families were lined up waiting for a table.) My 4-year-old daughter had fallen asleep on our drive over, but woke up as our soft pretzels ($6) arrived. Nothing can calm a sleepy, hangry preschooler like a pretzel breadstick dipped in cheese sauce. I enjoyed an Organic Survival Stout, a deep, dark multi-grain beer with a coffee kick. My husband gave a thumbs up to the Gear Up IPA ($5.25 each).

While we waited for our food to arrive, I took the kiddos to check out the play area. The restaurant offers two play areas, one on each level. I was happy to see that the wooden toys and recycled plastic trucks stuck to the HUB commitment to sustainability. I plopped down on a little bench perfect for parents to sit at and keep an eye on their tykes while the kiddos played.

HUB has your basic, straightforward pub fare, but I was satisfied with the Rocket Burger ($14.50), which came piled with dressed arugula, melted Swiss, arugula pesto, feta and mushrooms. My 2-year-old pasta lover dove into his buttered macaroni ($5.75) and helped his sister with her kids’ cheeseburger ($6.75) to boot. I love that the HUB kids’ menu offers healthy sides like steamed broccoli or apple slices in addition to fries.

For a long time, HUB has set the standard in Portland for kid-friendly brewpubs, making it easy for moms and dads to grab a pint and some grub with kids in tow. Now their new location spreads that welcome sensibility to the ’burbs.

17707 SE Mill Plain Blvd., Vancouver, Washington. Sunday-Thursday, 11 am-11 pm. Friday-Saturday, 11 am to midnight. 360-828-5139. Hopworksbeer.com

Kid-friendly Pubs to Love

Ancestry Brewing’s Sellwood location offers excellent burgers and stellar ales, like the Imperial Stout. Short and sweet menu for kids. 8268 SE 13th Ave., ancestrybrewing.com.

Brewers at Breakside Brewery just picked up eight medals at the Craft Beer Awards. 

Founded by a dad of two, Ex Novo Brewing Company donates its net profits to organizations including Portland-based Mercy Corps, an international humanitarian aid nonprofit. Check out their seasonal menu and brews. 2326 N Flint Ave., exnovobrew.com.


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