In this month’s issue, go behind the scenes with three local families as they give us a peek into their nurseries for our annual family style & design issue. And the party doesn’t stop there — this month we are all about celebrations, from Valentine’s Day crafts to our tips for throwing a birthday party on any budget. Plus, our “Moving To…” family real estate column gets a makeover, “Field Trip” gives you the scoop on the best indoor tumbling gyms for rainy winter weeks and Recipe File brings a belly-warming weeknight supper from the kid-pleasing chef at Laurelwood Brewing Company.


Play Room
Natty night-lights, Manzanita when it’s stormy and talking style with Beanstalk’s owner.

Love Makes A Nursery
Three local families + three adorable nurseries = one great photo essay.

Birthdays For Every Budget
Planning a party? We’ve got you covered, whether you’ve got $60 or the sky’s the limit.

Balance Sheet
Family game night with a twist.

Moving To
One Southwest PDX family seeks out a new home — and gets much more than they bargained for.

Field Trip
Tumble, jump, roll and slide at indoor play gyms, perfect for rainy day wiggles.

Baby Steps
Conquering the final frontier — solo airplane travel, with two kids under 3.

Hands On
Floral centerpieces, fit for Valentines, from Portland Children’s Museum.

Family Supper
Rotisserie chicken, with a little Latin flair.

Recipe File
Kid-pleasing turkey meatloaf, from the chef at Laurelwood Public House & Brewery.


Birthday Resources

Open Houses

Editor’s Note

EdsNote-February2016Here is my first rule of parenting: Never, ever, venture onto Pinterest at 10:30 pm on the night that your child has lost her first tooth … unless, that is, you wish to spend the next three hours using chopsticks to etch out the imprints of teeny-tiny footprints in a trail of gold glitter between the window sill and her pillow. Put it another way: The perfect (that glitter-footsteps trail) is the enemy of the good. In my house, that meant a note from the Tooth Fairy, written in glitter pen, and a shiny Susan B. Anthony dollar. These days, images of so-called “perfection” are everywhere, from curated Instagram feeds (RIP, socality Barbie!) to Facebook posts of shiny, happy families in artful settings. For this, our second annual family style & design issue, we deliberately set out to spotlight not the perfect, but the good. Local photographer Sung Kokko captured three PDX-area families at home in their nurseries. Check out their thrift-shop finds, homages to Portland living and DIY style on pages 15 to 21. We continue the theme with a new look for our real estate column, Moving To on page 38, which will follow local families as they search for a house that can be their new home. Behind the scenes, meanwhile, we’ve been noodling around with a new look for Metro Parent, and are excited to show it off in the coming months. Like our families and yours, we think it’s not perfect — because there’s no such thing — but very, very good.

— Julia Silverman.

On our cover:


Photographer Ben Hutchison captured our sweet cover shot at the rose gardens at Peninsula Park in North Portland — the perfect backdrop for Valentine’s month.

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