Imago’s FROGZ Delights and Mesmerizes

Question: What do you get when you take frogs, lizards, and penguins, and add a giant paper bag, playful accordions, and a determined larva (it’s cuter than it sounds)?

Answer: A thoroughly entertaining and unique production that will live in your memories for years to come.

This holiday season, Imago Theatre brings back its wildly popular FROGZ. The critically acclaimed show, which has toured internationally, features a zany cast of charactersall played by four extremely talented performers—in 11 vignettes. Imaginative costumes, detailed masks, and clever storylines open our minds to the playfulness all around us and offer a different way of looking at things.

Giggles started within seconds of the opening piece, “Frogs,” long before any of the title characters had even moved an inch. The laughter continued throughout the show, whether sparked by subtle humor in simple gestures or overt comedic moments reminiscent of those in silent movies. Quieter, more thoughtful moments provide a bit of a break from the humor while continuing to captivate.

In several acts, the performers make their way into the audience. Sitting in the first few rows might mean having a lizard get up close and personal, and being in the front row could mean having an orb make off with your shoe (as it did to one toddler, who was a really good sport) or giving up your seat to a penguin who doesn’t like to lose.

With a total running time of about 90 minutes (plus one 15-minute intermission), the show is just right for young audiences. (It’s recommended for ages 3 and up.) The performers don’t utter a single word (with the exception of the orbs’ gibberish), so the youngest viewers can easily follow what’s being said with the expressive body language. Be sure to catch the troupe in the lobby after the show for questions and pictures.

Catch Imago’s signature work, FROGZ, through January 7 at Imago Theatre (17 SE 8th Ave.). Free parking is available on a small lot next to the theater or on the street.

Jade Chan

Jade Chan

Jade Chan is a native Portlander who returned to her roots after short stints on the East Coast. She remembers a time when Lloyd Center was an open mall, the Pearl consisted of warehouses, OMSI was where the Children’s Museum is now, and traffic jams were rare. A freelance editor and a mom of two, she enjoys sharing her love for the arts and her (ever-changing) hometown with her family.
Jade Chan