GIVEAWAY: “Managed Mischief” – A Toolkit of Improv-Inspired Games


Improvisation is MAKING something fun happen—and not just onstage before an audience, but ANYWHERE. “Managed Mischief,” by Mandy Khoshnevisan, is an improv how-to kit, helping parents and teachers celebrate everyday creativity with the kids in their lives.

Even if you have no improv experience, this book will walk you through how to teach and play these self-guided games that boost creativity, confidence, and collaborative thinking. You can play these games in the classroom, the car, the playground, or even in a public space. There are games for being loud, and games for being quiet. They might involve wordplay, storytelling, writing, drawing, painting, dancing, and making music—there are even tips on how to use these games to make up your own games!

Whether you’re shy or a showoff, these games let people of all ages practice vital life skills such as: working together to make something, taking turns being in charge, being unafraid to be “weird,” and taking joy in the world all around.

Author Mandy Khoshnevisan has spent 20 years studying and teaching improvisational theater, and also working as a teaching artist for kids ranging from preschool to high school. She currently teaches for Northwest Children’s Theater.

We are excited to give away a signed copy of the book “Managed Mischief” to three lucky winners! Details to enter below! Good luck!

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