Hands On: Connect the Dots

You read it here first: September 15 is International Dot Day, a holiday inspired by the classic Peter H. Reynolds book, The Dot. Creatively join in the celebration and welcome autumn with this fun project, one dot at a time.

This art activity is a great way for kids to experiment with color mixing and easy printmaking. Vary the effects by using different colors, adding glitter, or swirling a cotton swab in the wet paint circles.


Washable tempera paints
Paint brushes or squeeze paint bottles
Sturdy paper or book pages
A muffin tin, any size
Twine or yarn
Hole punch


1. Cover your work area with newspaper. Choose paint colors and apply a thin layer of paint on the bottom side of your muffin tin with paintbrushes or squeeze bottles.

2. Cut or tear your paper into small squares and lay them on top of your muffin tin circles. Pull the paper up to reveal a dot print. Repeat until you have a nice collection, about 10 to 12.

3. Allow them to dry for about an hour. (You may have to flatten them under a book to make them flat once dry).

4. Punch two holes at the top of your dots and thread your twine through the holes to create an autumnal garland.

Keira Havner

Keira Havner

Little Loft Studios started in Washington, DC as a place for families to share art making with their toddlers. Little Loft has now expanded to a NE Portland studio that hosts classes, workshops and summer camps. Their mission is to provide a space where creativity is encouraged and celebrated.
Keira Havner

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