Metro Parent January 2015

Metro Parent January 2015

Welcome to 2015! If your New Year’s resolutions (like ours) involve getting in shape, we can help. In this month’s issue, you’ll find a guide to some great workout options in the PDX metro area, all of which offer great child care, too.
Not the gym type? Maybe you’d rather hit the open road? Get inspired by our conversations with PDX parents who’ve hacked their bikes to be lean, mean, kid-carrying machines.

We’ve also got app picks that will get the whole family moving, and a healthy new take on collard greens from the cooks at Whole Foods Market. And if those attempts to get the kids out for some fresh air and exercise don’t always work out, our Baby Steps columnist feels your pain – check out her guide to taking your toddler for a walk.

When you’re ready for some downtime, try our homemade herbal sachet tutorial, from the makers at Zenger Farm, or plan your next getaway; this month, we’re featuring the best of Lincoln City.


Trying out the exercise equipment at VillaSportPlay Room
Apps to get your kids in gear, plus words of wisdom from Ben Cannon and the low-down on tweenage sleep patterns.

Work it, Mama!
You’ve made your New Year’s resolutions. Now you’ve got to keep them. Our guide to workout options (with childcare!) in the metro area.

The Long Haul
How to hack your bike to make it a lean, mean, kid-carrying machine, from PDX parents who know.

Baby Steps
Taking your toddler for a walk isn’t as easy as it sounds.

The car-free Eckhart family.Balance Sheet
You might not WANT to think about making a will. But our columnists say you should, for peace of mind.

Field Trip
Tear it up on a trick bike at The Lumberyard, the oh-so-Portland indoor bike park that’s great for rainy day play.

Hands On
Help your kids make a sweet-smelling sachet for the kitchen, the bathroom or a chest of drawers, from the makers at Zenger Farm.

Recipe File
Metro Parent January 2015. Hands On: Zenger Farms Sachet Cachet.Healthy eating starts here, with this Whole Foods wrap that subs collard greens for the tortilla.

Time Out
A day for families to give back, plus dragon tales at storytime.

Last Look
Portland in pictures. Forest Park in NW Portland.



School Open Houses


Editor’s Note

Happy New Year, from all of us at Metro Parent and PHOTO BY BEN HUTCHINSON.

Happy New Year, from all of us at Metro Parent and

Longtime readers of Metro Parent will have noticed some changes in the magazine in the past six months. Our popular calendar has a new look, covers are featuring the work of local photographers and we’ve opened up the magazine’s design and editorial focus, too. We’re spotlighting new essayists and have introduced a monthly focus on the region’s fast-changing housing market and columns on dining out and cooking at home. Behind the scenes, there also been lots of change — our staff has welcomed a new editor and managing editor, new ad reps, and new voices putting together the daily events calendar and newsletter at our awesome sister site, It’s been a whirlwind, and there’s more to come, from a still-in-the-works website revamp to bonus guides for summer camps, all things baby and education. Some things haven’t changed, though: Metro Parent is still Portland’s magazine for all things family. We’ll always cover what matters to local kids and their grownups, from health and schools, to the best places to play, great food to eat and hands on projects to try together. Pick us up for stories that are fun, smart, local and just a little offbeat … a lot like PDX families. We’d love to know what you’d like to see in the magazine, so find us on Facebook and Twitter, and let us know what’s on your mind. Our resolution is to get even better in 2015; we hope you’ll come along for the ride.

– Julia Silverman

This month’s cover



This month’s issue is all about being active with your family, and we think local photographer (and new mom) Serra Hadsell captured that spirit in spades with this great shot of a local family’s playtime at Alberta Park — note the stuffed animal getting in on the see-saw action.

See more of her work at

Read our January issue online here.

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