Playroom Organizational Hacks

playroom hacks

Despite best intentions, toys have been known to multiply. You start out with a few rattles and a handful of board books, and before you know it toys have taken over the house. Here are some brilliant ways to try to organize and tame the overflow of Lego, books, craft supplies and more. Share your own playroom hacks below!

Label bins with pictures

Labeling storage boxes can help keep things where they are meant to be. But when the people meant to be doing the organizing can’t read, they’re not so useful. Using pictures of the items inside instead will let your kids know what goes where.

Create a Caddy for Arts & Crafts Supplies

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Keep all those markers, pens, colored pencils and other drawing supplies organized, tidy and mobile with this caddy. Using mason jars keeps everything upright and easy to see.

Get Those Little Craft Supplies Organized Too

Glitter, sequins, buttons and those other little baubles can get everywhere. Putting them in a spice rack caddy allows you to keep these little odds and ends organized and easy to see.

Use a Hanging Shoe Organizer

Those hanging shoe organizers are great for organizing all kinds of stuff. You can put action figures, Lego, stuffed animals–anything small enough to fit in those pockets. In addition to getting things sorted and organized, it also gets items off the ground, creating more space for play.

Hang a number of clipboards from the wall, and then easily rotate out some of your child’s (many many many) pieces of artwork. It’s a great way to get you to pare down as you go, so you don’t end up with that box full of art to sort through in a few months.

Make a Cheap Book Organizer

Those plastic rain gutters you can get at the hardware store make for simple DIY book shelves. You can get those books off the ground and organized without the bulk (or expense) of a traditional book case. You can find a tutorial here.

If your house is like ours, you spend a good portion of your day sorting through Lego trying to find those little Lego action figures. You can keep them easily accessible with this stylish Lego storage system.

Display and Store Those Stuffed Animals


If you have boxes and drawers overflowing with stuffies, this hack is for you. You can find the directions to make this sweet stuffy swing here.

What are your favorite hacks? Let us know below! 

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