Mural Scavenger Hunt: User Submissions!

We asked, you answered – with awesome photos of your kids at murals across town. How many of these do you recognize? Brag about it on our Facebook page. (Answers below.)

1. Photo: Delaney Schroeder


2. Photo: Rose Caudillo


3. Photo: Ali King

4. Photo: S.M. Ranson


5. Photo: Ashley Parkinson


6. Photo: Kimberly Smiskin


7. Photo: Ali Wilkinson

Feeling inspired? Print this out and draw your own! 


  1. Side of City Liquidators building, 823 SE 3rd Ave
  2. SE 12th and Division
  3. N. Williams and Shaver
  4. 2335 North Clark Avenue, near the intersection of North Larrabee Avenue and North Harding Avenue
  5. SE 46th and Hawthorne 
  6. Universal Cycles, 2202 E Burnside St
  7. SE Stark and 12th

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