Tips for Finding the Right Preschool

tips for finding the right preschoolIn the first few days after your baby is born, there seem to be a never-ending line of decisions. What will her name be? Breastfeed or bottle feed him? Should we try cloth diapers or go with disposable? To co-sleep or not to co-sleep? What about pediatricians? The list goes on.


But then those first few months go by, and you get lulled into a sense of complacency. At last, a breather from the big decisions! Until… dum dum DUM. Preschool.

This month’s PDX Parent features an article by Beth Slovic on how to background check potential preschool options. But say you’ve done your research, the school seems safe and clean, and now you’re right back where you started. How to choose the right school?

We’ve asked two childcare providers to give us insight into the questions they love to be asked. If you’re new to the preschool game, and looking for a basic list of what every parent should know, check out these these tips from Kelly Skopil, Program Director at the Clackamas YMCA Child Development Center in Oregon City.

Ready to dig deeper? Amy Williams, owner of the Tumbleweed Infant and Preschool Houses in SE Portland, has all sorts of thoughtful questions to consider when choosing the right preschool for your family. (Bet you’ll find at least a few you never would have thought to ask.) You can check that out here.

And because choosing a preschool can be stressful – here’s a humorous guide to picking the right school for you, from Run, Knit, Love. (Hint: Don’t go with “Uncle Jim’s Drive-In Daycare.”)

If you’re still trying to find the right school for you, check out our comprehensive daycare and preschool guide, available here.

Happy hunting!

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