Review: Chrysalis by OCT’s YP

ChrysalisReview-1Chrysalis was one of the most intense performances I’ve seen. The content beautifully addressed hard, important, contemporary issues, revolving around the tangled interactions between four teenagers. The characters were multi-dimensional and you slowly got to know them and their pasts through a series of flash-backs interspersed between the story-line. The revelations many of them had were through ethereal voices and self-confrontations.

Chrysalis is a metaphor for turning into yourself. You can’t grow without facing yourself, and your decisions. The four caterpillars that morphed into ghosts from the teen’s pasts, were their inner voices. They were creepily fantastic.

I liked how versatile the actors were; they switched from the present to their pasts, back to the present. They acted out some really, really, really intense scenes.

This play is not for the younger crowd. Their reactions were very human. Some were hard to stomach. There was no happy ending, but it was a satisfying one.

OCT’s Young Professionals Chrysalis playing at the YP Studio Theater, April 14-24, 2016.

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