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When I first heard that Marvel Universe Live! was coming to town, I knew we had to go. You see, I live in a world of superheroes. My children, 2 boys aged 5 & 7, live in a world of superheroes, Star Wars, and Scooby Doo. It’s an odd world, with lots of crossovers and sound effects.

Our evening at Marvel Universe Live! started with a pre-show meet and greet. We headed into a special meeting room with piles of Marvel character costume pieces for the kids to dress up as various characters and pose in front of fun backdrops. We also got to meet the actors playing Black Widow and Electro who said they had recently joined the cast for what they said was the second largest tour by Marvel Universe Live!

We got to our seats early, which I expected and had packed a stack of comic books and some snacks for the boys. When the show started my boys responded instantly, sitting on the edge of their seats, attention rapt, matching the emotions of each scenes. There were explosions, loud noises, lots of effects. We brought along a pair of noise canceling headphones which saved the night for my oldest son. If your kids is easily frightened by loud noises and surprises, I suggest bringing a pair to dampen out the sound a bit.

Overall, the show is in the action and effects. There are stunts galore: Battles, motorcycle stunts, people on lines being flown all over the place. People drop in and out scenes, burst through walls, fall off towers. It’s lively and often impressive with cool motorcycle jumps,  Spiderman doing flips, Black Widow wheeling around on her motorbike, and more. Most kids were enthralled, completely.

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My kids left inspired and are still struggling to calm down. They talked nonstop about what kind of avengers show they will make and are continuously exploding into sound effects and action rolls. I recommend it, it’s one of those things you do for your kids and where you end up, overall, having a pretty good time. The happiness it brought my children far outweighs any negative parts.

I’ll leave you with their thoughts:

Heywood (age 5)
One word : Awesome and also Double Awesome.

He liked the Hulk, motorcycle tricks and the part at the beginning where we go to meet the characters.

It was a little scary and a little loud.

Also, Heywood has a side tip for kids: Do not play with a screwdriver or drill, it can be dangerous.

Alvah (age 7, a superhero super fan with strong opinions):
Good. He didn’t like how Loki was the main bad guy, Loki is lame. Ultron is more powerful. Alvah was looking for a battle with Ultron or Thanos.

Didn’t like how they made Hydra costume, didn’t think it was how Hydra usually looks. He heard Madame Hydra has super strength, in a story book, and in the play she didn’t. But she did have her weapon in the play.

It made Alvah think about his Marvel Hero play he is making (preparing) for his school.

Alvah then got into some real specifics that I’m not going to get into, if your kids are detail-oriented and really know their Marvel, they might come up with a list similar to his.

The explosions were pretty scary, surprising and really loud. Gave Alvah a heart attack. The noise cancelling ear phones helped a bit. It was worth being scared sometimes to see though.

What a great play – 5 stars from Alvah.

To discover more about Marvel Universe LIVE!, please visit or follow them via social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Amy and her family were given tickets to review this performance on behalf of PDX Parent for review. They were in no way compensated for their opinions.

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