Rock the Presidents: Captivating, Covertly Educational Fun


From “Hail to the Chiefs” to “Are You a President-to-Be?” Northwest Children’s Theater’s production of Rock the Presidents is the perfect answer to this election season. Covertly educational, non-partisan, and lyrically ingenious, the fast-paced musical revue introduces the presidents from Washington to Obama. Instead of unrelatable historical figures, each is highlighted as a man who aspired to do great things and improve the lives of Americans. Focusing on what all Presidents have in common instead of their differences, the audience develops an understanding of the value a president holds in America.

That may sound heavy, but I promise, the kids will be so engaged by the multi-media fueled acts on stage (and in the aisles) they’ll never notice. The fast-paced performances are so well-delivered it left me wondering how in the world these performers had time to breathe, let alone sing with album-worthy precision. The talented cast captivated the audience so completely, the solid hour of non-stop fun felt like minutes.

In collaboration with Dwayne Hartford and Childplay, this production is featured on the main stage in the fashion of a zany rock concert – like a convention, but with better music and more fog.

Rock the Presidents is perfect for families, especially those with kids of differing ages. It can be impossible to find an activity that holds the interest of all when your kids range from six to sixteen, but this is one the whole family can enjoy together.


We love coming to NWCT. The staff is welcoming, my daughter is obsessed with the chocolate chip cookies, and the classic details of the historical theater make for a singular experience where the kids truly feel they’ve experienced something special. If you arrive a little early, the poster for your performance makes a great photo op and there are usually coloring and activity sheets available.

Vividly staged, Rock the Presidents shines thanks to the phenomenal delivery of the performers. The show has the rare ability to slip from educational to high-energy rock concert within the same upbeat song.  Fun, informative, and just a little bit campy—it is an exceptional combination of upbeat concert, history lesson, and visual experience for the whole family.

Jenna Burke

Jenna Burke

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