Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

thanksgiving crafts for kids

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. While soon it will be time to grocery shop and food prep, or pack a zillion bags and prep for for traveling with kids, it’s not that time quite yet. So take a quiet moment or two with your kiddos to create these crafts. You’ll be thankful you did. 

Turkey Leaf Lanterns


Image: Rhythms of Play

Seriously, how adorable are these? They’d make a great centerpiece, window decoration or treasure keeper. This craft is a bit involved, and will need a good bit of parental supervision/help–but the end result is worth it. 

Thankful Turkey


Image: The Resourceful Mama

When it comes down to it, Thanksgiving is about giving thanks. This sweet craft gives you and your children an excuse to think about what really matters in your lives. You may be surprised by the answers! 

Thankful Turkey Book Craft

Image: B-Inspired Mama

Image: B-Inspired Mama

There’s so much to love about this craft. The reminder to be thankful. The idea of creating this into a memory book with photos. The use of recycled materials for the feathers…. Just… love. 

Footprint Turkey


Image: Funhandprintblog

Who isn’t a sucker for a good footprint craft? Looking back on all my kids’ art (and yes, there’s a lot of it), it’s always the hand print and footprint ones that I’m most happy to have kept. This is a simple one, with feathers glued on top. You could also use hand prints for the feathers. 

Hand Print Turkey Craft

Amy Greene from Mainly Homemade

Image: Amy Greene from Mainly Homemade

Here’s another sweet hand print craft that you can bring out for many Thanksgivings to come. We love how the hand prints of the whole family come together to make the cute little turkey. There is much to be thankful for indeed. 

Paper Plate Turkey Hat

Image: Honey and Lime

Image: Honey and Lime

The look on this adorable kid’s face shows how much fun this project can be to make. Most of the items it takes to make this craft you probably already have in your house. After the craft is over, your child will still have fun playing with the finished product. 

DIY Thanksgiving Decor and/or Card

Image: The Idea Room

Image: The Idea Room

Intermingle your fingerprints with your child’s to make this memorable decoration or thank-you card cover. You can get a free printable of the branch at The Idea Room, or just make your own. 

Pumpkin Pie Craft

Image: A Night Owl Blog

Image: A Night Owl Blog

What Thanksgiving would be complete without a slice of pumpkin pie? This craft is simply enough for a toddler to do, and adorable enough to hang on your window. Yum. 

You can find more ideas for Thanksgiving crafts on our Pinterest board. Did you make one? Let us see on Facebook

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